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Where can I do the test?

The Montreal Sleep Center specialises in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. If you snore, have daytime fatigue, high blood pressure, or poor memory/concentration you may have sleep apnea. Other symptoms include: irritability, morning headaches, weight gain, depression, and decreased sexual function.

What are the benefits of treatment?

  • Uninterrupted sleep for you and your bed partner
  • Improved energy levels and mood
  • Decreased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

How we can help you

Testing for sleep apnea involves taking home a small screening device and sleeping one night in your own bed. Appointments for screening tests are available as quickly as same-day or next-day. Once the screening device is returned to us it is passed on to an accredited analyst for review. Study results and treatment options are listed in the printed report which the patient will receive 7-10 days after testing. Patients who fall in the moderate or severe category for sleep apnea or snoring will usually be recommended to do a CPAP trial. CPAP is a positive air pressure treatment which can eliminate apnea and snoring.

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”

— Thomas Dekker

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